2005 Award of Excellence Recipients

Awards of Excellence


Layton Youth Council 1st Place Award of Excellence

1st Place 

Layton Youth Council

Members of the Layton Youth Council have made significant positive contributions to the citizens of Layton, peers across Davis County, and to themselves. They have planned and participated in many activities including a Halloween Carnival and Food Drive for identified “at-risk” youth, K-2. The LYC co-sponsored the first ever city-wide Emergency Preparedness fair with over 1000 participants and 30 educational booths/vendors. They conducted the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Walkability survey to identify challenges around the city to walking (instead of driving) to destinations and shared those with city planners.

The LYC is actively involved with tobacco education efforts geared towards youth. They created “Infrared”, an anti-tobacco peer-led group at the junior high school for youth most “at-risk” for tobacco use. LYC members train students in how to plan and deliver tobacco related education and events to prevent tobacco use and encourage current smokers to quit. They are involved in the compliance testing program by working with the Davis County Health Department and law enforcement throughout the county to see if retailers will sell them tobacco. They are also actively involved in positively recognizing retailers who do not sell tobacco to minors.  The LYC has been involved with other community groups to foster opportunities for their peers. They were one of three co-sponsors of the 2005 Youth of Promise Summit.

The LYC overcame challenges last year. The council members noted the Halloween Carnival as one challenge. They overcame many planning and implementation challenges.  A heavy rainstorm on the day of the event provided many unforeseen challenges. The council dealt with these challenges well and came up with creative solutions. Through communication and support, the council also enabled a severely ill member to participate and continue in his leadership role.

The LYC has improved the councils operations by having all communications take place via e-mails or text messages. They created a website with a ‘members only’ section that contains member contact information, meeting schedules, council charter, Code of Conduct, Roberts Rules of Order and other documents. They also created a “how-to” book for the Layton Youth Council that outlines all operations for the youth council to ensure that the practices put into place will continue in the future.

Val Stratford, Executive Director of the Layton Community Action Council, has been pleased with the way the LYC youth ”develop, plan and carry out each project using their own skills and talents.”

2nd Place

Springville Youth City Youth Council

The SpringvilleYouthCity Council has worked with the kids at the SpringvilleCity Outreach to Students (SCORS) program which provides young teens a safe place to go after school. Committees from the council planned a fun activity to do each month.

The Springville YCC provided a Halloween party for diabetic children at the UtahValleyRegionalMedicalCenter. They helped SpringvilleCity with the annual ArtCity Days Celebration by running the youth Fun-A-Rama. The Council also held the , Teddy Bear Picnic, fireman’s breakfast, and cleaned  up after the parade. They help with the Folk Fest and the Chamber of Commerce’s Safe Halloween night. The Council collected coins from the University Mall fountains, cleaned them, and donated the proceeds to Intermountain Health Care.

The Springville YCC met some extraordinary challenges during the past year. The Youth Council was put in charge of advertising and overseeing Meet the Candidates Night. This gave the council the opportunity to experience a new leadership role.  The Council is a large council which brings challenges. They are working on attendance policies to ensure professionalism from all council members.

 The Springville YCC is very organized. They have monthly meetings with the entire council and additional meetings with the Executive Council. They maintain descriptions of each Council position - Mayor, Recorder, Historian, Parliamentarian, and Council member and they elect an Executive Council. They use agendas; maintain minutes; and calendar events. The Council tracks the hours of service given to the community and they hold an annual City Council Dinner where the youth show their accomplishments to the Mayor and other City Council Members.


Springville Mayor Gene Mangum states that,” The youth that participate in this program are tremendous examples of responsibility. This is an impressive group of young people whose involvement is truly making a difference in the lives of others.”


Taylorsville Youth City Council at the 2006 Awards Banquet

3rd Place


Taylorsville Youth City Council



     The TaylorsvilleCity Youth Council has made many positive contributions to their community. Each year the council creates and presents programs to ten elementary schools in the Taylorsville area. The 2005 program was on self esteem, good habits, and positive activities. They also tutored 4th graders at Bennion Elementary School, answered phones during a KUED Channel 7 fundraiser, provided service to residents at the Golden Living Center, and volunteered at the Children’s Center in Kearns. They volunteered during Taylorsville Dayzz, helped at the Lions Club Breakfast fundraiser, and dismantled the City Float. The council also distributed election flyers, encouraging people to vote. They came up with the motto on top of the flyers which stated, “They’re doing their part…What about you?, next to a picture of soldiers. The Council requested and colleted donations to place in Thanksgiving food boxes. They hung Christmas lights on twenty trees leading to city hall and also decorated the Christmas tree in City HallThe council worked with the Unified Fire Authority, the Taylorsville City Police Department, and elected city officials to provide Saturday with Santa. This annual public relations event introduces City officials and service providers to the citizens, and gives the Youth Council a chance to interact with a variety of people.

     The council has had to overcome difficult challenges, one being the death of a council member. Each year the council strives to build teamwork and unity by working together.

The Youth Council holds regular meetings each Wednesday, using agendas. The Executive committee is selected and they take turns conducting each meeting. Each youth council member is assigned an adult city counterpart to interview and learn about their positions. The youth council member then reports back to the Youth Council, explaining the responsibilities of their counterparts. Council members are invited to attend City Council meetings and committee meetings.
The council invites special speakers to their meetings to discuss city issues. The director of finance has spoken about the city’s budget, explaining income, revenues, and expenses. The City Council Advisor to the Youth Council spoke about setting goals, priorities, and organization.
Taylorsville Mayor Russ Wall, said, “I have watched the Youth Council Members this past year and observed the way that they have handled themselves in conducting many service projects…I have been impressed by each Youth Council member’s dedication and desire to serve the community.”