2006 Award of Excellence Recipients

Awards of Excellence


(Three Councils applied and received awards!)




1st Place

 Murray Youth Chamber of Commerce

     The Murray Youth Chamber of Commerce had a small but diverse group in 2006.  During “National Service Day” they helped the Exchange Club repair and overhaul a resident’s home that had been vandalized while the elderly homeowner was in the hospital.  The MYCC worked with many organizations in Murray and Salt Lake City  They rang street bells to collect donations for the Salvation Army; put on a drive for blankets and other warm items and delivered these to the less fortunate people on the streets; delivered food boxes provided by the Utah Food Bank  to shut-ins, and  collected suitcases for Utah Foster Care

     The MYCC attended the Utah League of Cities and Towns Day at the Legislature.  Prior to the conference they attended a bill proposal in the transportation committee at the Utah State Legislature.  Members’ organizational and directing others skills grew through the MYCC participation in the Miss Murray Fun Run and by organizing a youth tutoring and mentoring program at Riverview Junior High School.

     Due to the high demand in service projects that are directed to the MYCC they created a junior chamber.  They offered a work ethic class for Jr. High students and had 80 youth sign up.  The MYCC works with the Junior Chamber to teach social skills, how to work with adults, and take directions.  They meet once a month with this group to pull together ideas that can be realistically implemented.  The Junior Chamber has helped the MYCC succeed and extend the usefulness and service reputation of MYCC.  This Junior Chamber builds the experience and habits of their members which will build an even stronger “Youth Chamber”.

     The Murray Youth Chamber of Commerce also supports the Youth Chamber Ambassador Program for college age students.  It was created because the students in the MYCC loved being involved in the community and chose to remain engaged in the Youth Group.  Many of the Youth Chamber Ambassadors have been offered internships with prestigious organizations.

     The MYCC is involved with elected officials.  They organized the 2006 “Meet the Candidates Night” with over 40 candidates participating.  The Murray Youth Chamber is responsible, dependable, organized, and friendly.


Mayor Daniel C. Snarr, says, “The Murray Youth Chamber is an excellent example of students who are interested in what is happening in every aspect of our City as well as the greater community while learning how it will affect their lives and others.” 


2nd Place

Springville Youth City Council

 The Springville Youth City Council has made significant contributions to Springville by continuing and also reaching beyond their traditional service activities  The Springville Youth City Council carried out projects involved with the Springville Mayor and City Council, Police Department, Area Chamber of Commerce, Public Library, City Outreach to Students (SCORS) Art City Days, Museum of Art, Solid Waste Department, Senior Citizens, Fire Department and the City Employee Association.  Groups they worked with outside of Springville include the AYC USU Leadership Institute, Mapleton Youth City Council, World Folkfest, Juvenile Diabetes Walk-a-thon, Partyland, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, “Sweet Kids” Organization, IHC Celebration foundation, Make-A-Wish Organization, Project Linus Foundation, Community  for Decency Foundation, India – School and Orphanages, and the Nebo Foundation.

The Springville YCC undertook several projects that placed them in new situations.  Without previous years to look on, much creativity and labor was required in order to make them successful.  One goal was to bridge a connection between the youth and the elderly in Springville.  They helped a local senior citizen center which needed help.  They cleaned up the center before a large event and held a successful yard sale for the Center.

A previous Springville Youth City Council mayor was traveling to India to volunteer for a school for underprivileged children and needed art and craft supplies. The Youth City Council contacted residents and collected enough supplies for both the school in India and a local Headstart program.

Enthusiasm and support of the Springville Youth City Council continues to grow each year.  Comments of support from the community when they are engaged in service strengthens their resolve to be better and do better.  The YCC is structured in such a way to assure that it will continue.  They have consistent meetings, numerous service projects that have become tradition, and they work closely with their elected officials and city administration.


 Springville Mayor Gene Mangum states,”This is an impressive group of young people who demonstrate qualities such as dependability, responsibility, commitment and leadership. Their involvement in YCC is truly making a difference in the lives of others and they serve as a good example to all of Springville’s young people.”


3rd Place

 Taylorsville City Youth Council

     The Taylorsville City Youth Council has made many positive contributions to their community.  Each year the council creates and presents programs to ten elementary schools in the Taylorsville area.  The 2006 program Safe at Home focused on the necessity of children practicing safe habits while at home.   They volunteered during Taylorsville Dayzz; assisted during the Days of 47 Parade and numerous other city parades by safely guiding the driver of the float while keeping young children out of the float’s path.  They helped the Lions Club with the Easter Egg Hunt.   A tradition the Youth Council has is assembling and decorating the City Christmas tree and hanging lights on the trees leading to City Hall

The council worked with the Unified Fire Authority, the Taylorsville City Police Department, and elected city officials to provide Saturday with Santa.  This annual public relations event introduces City officials and service providers to the citizens, and gives the Youth Council a chance to interact with a variety of people.

In an effort to become even more familiar with City Government the Youth Council has started holding their own elections, appointing their own staff and conducting meetings in the Council Chambers using the microphones and sitting where the adult City Council members sit during their meetings.

The council overcame the challenges of changing the Youth Council Advisor and implementing a more restrictive policy of 80% attendance at all meetings.  With every meeting efforts were made by the council to get to know the new Council Advisor and to better understand expectations of Youth Council Members.  The members of the Taylorsville City Youth Council faced the challenge of change and conquered it with integrity. 

The Youth Council holds weekly meetings, using agendas the Youth City Recorder prepares.  The members have maintained a good working relationship with the Mayor and the City Council, as well as the City Staff through their counterpart assignments.  The Youth Council members are learning about accountability by monthly reports to the City Council

Taylorsville Mayor Russ Wall, says, “The TaylorsvilleYouth Council is well organized, they raise their own funds and they carry out service projects responsibly and effectively.”